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We can help you with all your sandblasting and coating needs.   “We have the capability to do the job!” 

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Our Goal Is To Fill Our Customers Needs

"We have the capability to do the job!"


  • High-quality coatings for manufactured products and pieces.
  • Powder coating offers durable finishes, which means higher customer satisfaction. 
  • Quality finishes provide long-lasting finishes for outdoor applications.
  • TVC is an expert in the field, working with many manufacturers facilities to provide a quality product and quick turn around time.


  • Tennessee Valley Coatings can spray and process orders for bulk applications.
  • Working with many manufacturers, we can provide consistent quality across large batches. 
  • Follows strict coating standards for consumer satisfaction.
  • Maintaining high standards of consistency and uniformity is essential for customer loyalty, reputation, and competitiveness in the market. 
Oil Rubbed Bronze


  • Top-notch powder coating service for antiques, car parts, and misc metals.
  • Experienced team using the latest techniques to produce high-quality finishes.
  • Wide range of color options to match individual preferences.
  • Consistency delivering exceptional, long-lasting results. 
  • Powder coatings offer homeowners a quality finished product. 


  • Long-term coatings offer protection against harsh enviromental factors extending equipment lifespan.
  • Powder coating can help save time, money and resources by avoiding the need for frequent equpment replacement, repair, or maintenance. 
  • Quality coatings help protect finish from rough use and harsh conditions. 
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